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Escrow Solutions 

Our distributed ledger technology (DLT) solution automates traditional escrow processes and mitigates the risk of regulatory dependencies and operational interference with agreement terms.

Consulting Services

Whilst German Escrow consults both large corporations and SMEs on escrow solutions at military-grade secure sites, we also develop enterprise software, audit code, offer penetration testing and red teaming & develop blockchain solutions and asset tokenization. 

Escrow Services

Software Escrow protects your investment in on-premises or cloud software applications. As a key part of every organizations business continuity strategy our clients range from small and mid-size companies to highly regulated global organizations.


OTC Transactions

As part of our blockchain / DLT services German Escrow offers turnkey OTC Solutions. Whilst private key escrow is an integral part, German Escrow can also support and provide DLT-based transaction platforms for any custom requirement. 

Experience in 10+ Industries in the Public and Private Sector

Our team has worked in over 100 projects in software and information escrow, over-the-counter transactions, blockchain and software development in global consulting and implementation projects. 




Making Escrow Easy and Pain-Free

You benefit from ISO 27001standard processes that ensure straight-forward handling for both licensor and licensee.

German Escrow will consult with all parties involved to find the most suitable Escrow solution for your project.


German Escrow is a leading European Escrow provider that offers tailored security and testing services. You benefit from high-security grade software verification and penetration testings  – we ensure business continuity across all scenarios. 

What is a Verification?

The verification is designed to match your disaster recovery strategy.​

The following has to be covered by any verification:

  • Software and hardware requirements to build and execute the application

  • A map of both source code and object code required to build the application

  • The number of build processes and description of how they are inter-linked

  • The build environment information and configuration details

  • Specific OS information and configuration to run the application

  • List of any tools, compilers and linkers to build the application

  • List of any third-party libraries and software to build the application

  • An estimate of time and resources required to build and set up the application

  • Any build documentation and information required to build the application

All findings and the processes carried out during the verification are precisely documented in a verification report. Once the verification is completed, the parties are informed and all data is additionally stored with the escrow deposit. 

Why do you need Verification?

An escrow agreement gives you access to the deposited material, usually software source code, in case a pre-defined, contractually agreed-upon event occurs.

The material is intended

  • to enable you to continue using the underlying software
  • to make changes to it
  • and to continue the maintenance and support work independently or to outsource it to a third party.

In general, an escrow agreement is established to protect your software investment and ensure your business continuity plan.

In order to be able to take on maintenance and support without the licensor’s help, you need the

  • complete,
  • error-free and
  • correct source code of the application.

In addition, you must have access to

  • documentation that includes details of the source code,
  • the required third party components, configurations,
  • build instructions, and
  • hardware requirements.

During the verification we verify that all items are part of the deposit:

  • documentation of the entire build process,
  • material deposit,
  • application execution testing and
  • ensuring the material deposit under the escrow agreement.

In addition, GE ensures that documentation is available and can be used to restore the software without the help of the licensor.

Only if you carry out a full verification on the deposited material, you have the certainty that the material is appropriate to fulfil your business continuity plan in case of a release event

Without verification, the deposited material is a “black box” and it cannot be guaranteed that it is complete and serves its purpose.

Thus, GE strongly recommends that you verify each deposit to ensure it is in line with your escrow agreement.

Only verified material guarantees you a viable solution in case the counterparty files bankruptcy or fails to fulfil its obligations in any other way.

The 3 Levels of Verification

LEVEL 1: Basic Verification

  • GE as the independent third party confirms that all required material is provided by witnessing the build of the application

  • GE as the independent third party confirms that the build can be achieved with the provided material​​ and stores all required material and documentation 

This is the minimum requirement to ensure a viable disaster recovery strategy and contingency plan.

LEVEL 2:  Verification in an independent environment by an escrow agent

  • establish a build at a secure location​, outside the developers’ environment

  • implementation and testing of the build application by the licensee

  • recommended when a viable 3rd party is to take over maintenance in case of a release​

LEVEL 3: Verification within the Licensees and Licensors environment

  • a complete build is created at licensor’s site​

  • the release process is simulated by re-building the application within the licensee’s environment

  • the escrow agent familiarizes the licensee’s development team with the process and requirements of the build within its environment

  • all documentation and knowledge to recover the build process in case of a release is provided to the licensee​

If any of the above verification procedures do not fit your requirements please contact us to provide a custom solution.

We have implemented specified security standards, sites and certification protocols for larger projects with ISO certification. 

The right Verification for your Risk Mitigation Strategy

The appropriate verification level depends on your business continuity strategy. Every deposit shall be verified on a basic level at least.

Typically, this takes place at the licensor’s site and the build process is accompanied and documented independently by GE.

All the materials required to create the software are

  • verified,
  • collected and
  • deposited

under an existing escrow agreement with GE.

The entire build process is documented including all settings and hardware components. The software build process is documented step-by-step. 

With the first verification level, the deposit is classified as «secured» since the successful build process was witnessed by GE as an independent 3rd party in the developer’s environment.

If you want to have the software serviced by a third party in the event of a release event occurs, you need independent verification. In this case, GE will build the software independently of the developer’s environment using the documentation and material provided by the licensor.

This is how it works:

  • The verification takes place at one of our GE sites, without the help of the licensor
  • The independent verification ensures that the material can be compiled outside of the development environment of the licensor into the running software application and that all the necessary tools are available under the escrow agreement
  • Moreover, you get an exact estimate on required resources (hardware and software components) and the amount of time required when a third party is commissioned to maintain the software

Should you wish to maintain the software on your own with an in-house IT team, in case of a release, GE recommends a release simulation verification.

This includes

  • a basic verification during which the material is collected and verified from the licensor and
  • is supplemented by a second stage release simulation at the licensees IT environment.

German Escrow will carry out the build of the software in the IT environment of the licensee and ask the licensee to install the created software application.

The release simulation verification ensures that all resources and know-how are available within the licensees IT environment in order to rebuild the software independently. The licensee gains insight into the software’s build requirements and can make arrangements which must be adhered to in case the material is released.

Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

Escrow Secure Upload Portal

Implementing an Escrow Agreement is simpler as you might think. We provide you with industry proven agreement templates, which can be amended to fit your needs. Our technical consultants will assist you in finding the most suitable verification level and provide simple ways to secure valuable tangible & intangible assets.

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GE Services

Our clients privacy and confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. Due to the sensitive and valuable nature of the deposited material we do not publish or comment on client relationships. Thus, we provide anonymous case studies only in order to give you an idea what a suitable escrow solution should look like. From banking and finance to transportation & logistics, and manufacturing to health and engineering – our escrow solutions are always tailored to your need. 

Software Escrow

Other Types of Escrow

OTC Transactions

DLT-based Escrow Solutions

Learn more about Blocktech & DLT

  • Learn what DLT is & how smart contracts work in escrow agreements

  • Learn about the advantages to traditional escrow management

  • Learn how you can take charge of your business continuity risks

Outtakes from our executive team

“If our security withheld the last 241 government attacks, I clearly should be able to have my Orchid survive. Why did this one die again?”

Sebastian Seitz, CTO

“Seriously, I know we need these security levels, but this is madness. What’s the passcode to the printer room today?”

Christian Heinz, CEO


Whilst German Escrow has modular fees for all escrow agreements, pricing depends on the the scope and verification level. Once the agreement template is agreed upon between all parties and the verification is scoped by our technicians we will provide you with a quote for each project.

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